iPiX case brings “real camera” features to the iPhone

There are now a number of rigs in which smartphone photographers can mount their iPhone, allowing it to be used more like a real camera. The iPiX takes a different approach, in that it’s an iPhone case with some camera-like features.

Currently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign, the iPiX is compatible with iPhone 13 and 14 Pro and Pro Max models. And yes, like a regular case, it incorporates silicone bumpers that protect against falls and other mishaps.

Its special features start with dimmable front and rear LED light strips, which allow users to control the lighting intensity on both regular shots and selfies. There’s also an optional slide-in lens module – it lets users cover the phone’s existing three lenses with one of four colored filters, a polarizing filter or a neutral density filter.

The iPiX additionally incorporates a wirelessly-rechargeable battery that powers the lights, but which can also be used to extend the phone’s runtime by a claimed 60%.

The iPiX should ultimately sell for $300


Magnets on the sides of the case allow it to be stuck to ferromagnetic surfaces such as sign posts or street lamp poles. If users would prefer to just put the thing on a tripod, though, a threaded hole in the iPiX lets them do so.

Another interesting feature is an included case-mountable dongle that plugs into the iPhone’s Lightning port, and which incorporates USB, HDTV, SD, MicroSD and AC power adapter ports of its own. Among other things, this device allows users to transfer photos/videos back and forth between their phone and other devices; connect peripherals such as keyboards; or use a connected projector to view images stored on their phone.

The iPiX with its multi-port dongle attached
The iPiX with its multi-port dongle attached


According to its designers, the iPiX weighs 150 grams (5.3 oz). And because its lights are controlled via a physical button on the case, no app is required to use it.

Assuming the iPiX reaches production, a pledge of US$149 will get you one. The planned retail price is $300.

Its features are demonstrated in the following video.

iPiX: The Ideal Case for Content Creators

Source: Indiegogo

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