What is the “Dupe” trend on TikTok? Challenge sends the internet into a frenzy

The new ‘dupe’ trend on TikTok features videos of users ridiculing a beauty product, accessory, or a piece of clothing that has a brand name similar to that of a popular one. It is seen individuals mocking brands that resemble the names of other well-known labels.

In simpler words, this trend is all about netizens making fun of a copy of a popular branded item.

This term is usually common among thrift shoppers. For instance, one might have come across many TikTokers making videos about visiting a thrift store and buying clothes from Gucci, Balenciaga, or Louis Vuitton. The catch, however, is that none of the products are actually made by these brands. They’re fake or low-priced copies.

The hashtag ‘#dupe’ has gone viral online and has amassed over 2.3 billion views. It is probably a shortened version of the word ‘duplicate’.

In most of the videos online, users go to Walmart, Target, or their local supermarket, show items from lesser-known or local brands, and call them ‘dupes’ (pronounced ‘doop’ in the videos) of popular brands. Users mostly try to mock the duplicate item to imply that the replica doesn’t come close to resembling the original.

It’s not clear who started this trend or when it began, but most of these videos started flooding TikTok around January 2023.

Netizens on Twitter have a mixed reaction to the ‘dupe’ trend on TikTok

While the trend has gone viral on TikTok, people who are not entirely familiar with it are rather confused by the hashtag. Others who learned about it expressed their frustration with the viral trend.

One person, @highkeyoli called it the “most unfunny TikTok trend.”

i’m gonna say it the “dupe” trend on tiktok is the worst most unfunny tiktok trend in the history of tiktok i hate it

the dupe trend thing on tiktok is such a jumpscare

Here are some other reactions from people who disliked this trend:

that “dupe” tiktok trend is making me want to crack my phone in half

the “dupe” tiktok trend is just millennial humor…i’m not amused.

the dupe trend on tiktok is so unfunny but its EVERYWHERE

idk who tf came up with the “dupe” tiktok trend but it’s actually the most unfunny thing to exist on that godforsaken app

if i ever walk into a target or walmart and see someone doing the “_____ dupe” tiktok i’m walking back out

The dupe trend on TikTok is one of the most annoying ones so far

Apart from the Walmart version of the ‘dupe’ trend, some TikTokers have taken a different approach to it. They share certain products they find online, which are replicas of other items from high-end brands.

For example, TikToker @daus_mendoza shared a video on December 18, 2022, where they discussed a lip oil from Dior. They said they found a duplicate of the product on Amazon. The user then showed both items and drew similarities between their packaging. Even the name on the replica was similar to Dior’s layout.

However, the only difference they mentioned was a carved ‘D’ on top of the lid, which the original Dior item has, but the replica doesn’t.

In another video, user @rubyretallack shared their favorite dupe product, which was a pair of shoes from New Balance. Although it was obviously a fake one, the shoes fit the user well and they seemed satisfied with it.

It seems, these different ‘dupe’ trends emerged on TikTok way before its latest version, which started going viral in January 2023. The older trend dates back to 2021-2022.

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