Fredericton internet outage blamed on copper wire theft

Hundreds of Bell Aliant customers on Fredericton’s north side found themselves without internet, TV and home phone services Tuesday because of copper thieves.

Police were on scene on the corner of Sunset Drive and Route 105 while Bell Aliant crews worked on repairs.

“Bell Aliant crews are repairing damage to our network in the Fredericton area caused once again by copper theft,” tweeted Bell Aliant.

“This vandalism has impacted Internet, TV and home phones for more than 800 customers. We’d like our customers to know we are taking this issue very seriously by working closely with local law enforcement. We urge the public to call 911 if they see suspicious activity.”

Luc Plourde said his household spent the entire day without any internet access.

“It’s almost like not having any power at all,” he said. “We rely on our internet so much.”

Bell Aliant was on the scene in Fredericton repairing lines they said were cut by copper thieves. (Shane Fowler/CBC)

He said he left the house to walk his dog this morning, initially thinking his was the only house affected.

“There was a police officer there and two gentlemen from Bell there,” said Plourde. “I looked up the pole and there were wires that were cut.”

He lives directly across the street from where Bell Aliant crews and police were stationed.

Plourde said he hadn’t been contacted by Bell Aliant and hadn’t seen the tweet from the company, but said he assumed his internet outage was related to theft simply because of all the wires left hanging from the poles.

“It’s a little worrisome,” said Plourde. “You start worrying about your own stuff if they’re taking from public utilities.

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