Intel ‘accidentally’ confirms Intel Core i9-13900KS has 150W base TDP

Intel has revealed the Core i9-13900KS base power

The KS variant of the flagship desktop CPU is coming soon.

Either Intel forgot to launch the Core i9-13900KS processor or the CPU has just made a debut in the official Intel video. Whichever option it is, the CPU is now confirmed to launch with 150W base TDP.

The CPU-Z specs are shown as part of the 9 GHz overclocking achievement video, as spotted by @harukaze5719. The i9-13900KS CPU appears twice in the 17-minute-long video, so it shouldn’t be hard to miss. However, the product name is clearly i9-13900K, which indicates that the KS variant is simply a pre-binned version of the existing desktop model.

Intel Core i9-13900KS with 150W TDP, Source: Intel

The CPU is shown with Max TDP of 150W; however, this is just the Processor Base Power (PL1) settings, and it is almost certainly higher with Max Turbo Power (MTP/PL2) which is not confirmed yet.

The 13900KS, also known as the first desktop 6 GHz CPU, is set to launch early next year. Rumors suggest it may be released on January 12th. It is no secret, however, that the CPU is now available to extreme overclockers, which is how this information got out.

Intel 13th Gen Core Series Specifications
SKU Configuration Base Clock Max Clock L3 Cache PBP
Core i9-13900KS
Core i9-13900K
Core i9-13900
Core i7-13700K
Core i7-13700
Core i5-13600K
Core i5-13600 TB
Core i5-13500 TB
Core i5-13400
Core i3-13100 TB

Source: Intel via @harukaze5719

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