Where we expect Florida State Football targets to land when the dust settles on Wednesday

Olympic Christopher Otto two: Florida State

Why?: Eliminating a January official visit to Penn State all but wrapped this up for FSU in my estimation. Sneaky get for the ‘Noles, Otto has some developing to do, but a ton of upside.

WR Andy Jean two: Florida

Why?: This doesn’t feel like a recruitment that’s going to end in a flip, even with FSU getting the final OV. Confidence from the UF side and a lack of confidence from the FSU side makes me think Jean sticks with his UF pledge.

DL Keldric Faulk two: Auburn

Why?: This is a coin flip while writing this on Tuesday evening. Auburn has made a late push, and Faulky has – at a minimum – been responsive. He legitimately seems conflicted, which is a great sign for Auburn as it has successfully made him reconsider his long-standing pledge to FSU.

I think FSU has done just about everything right here. If Faulk goes to Auburn, he just really wants to go to Auburn. Not sure what else can be done.

LB Kamren Robinson two: Virginia

Why?: I have the Crystal Ball on FSU and can’t change it. That pick was made on Robinson taking a visit to FSU without letting the Virginia staff know, but the journey to FSU wasn’t smooth and I think his mom has come around to having him stay close to home. Virginia’s late full-court press looks like it’ll pay off.

DB Damari Brown two: Miami

Why?: His older brother, Davontae Brown, opted to commit to Miami. An interesting choice given that he has a limited amount of time to sharpen his game for the NFL and Miami had one of the worst pass defenses in the country last year.

With older brother in the fold, I think Damari Brown will follow. Different things matter to different people, and I guess there are aspects about playing for Miami that appeal to both Browns. Big win for Miami if this holds.

DB Conrad Hussey two: Florida State

Why?: This recruitment has been all over the place, but I’m pretty sure it’d be FSU for Hussey if he made his choice at 9 pm on Tuesday. We’ll see what happens when he wakes up, but FSU has made a strong push late in this process.

ATH Edwin Joseph two: Florida State

Why?: Louisville, Penn State and Miami have all made a run at Joseph. My thought is that FSU has done enough to fend them off and will seal a recruitment that they’ve been leading for at least the last month or so.

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