World Cup 2022: Argentina fans go crazy for World Cup tattoos, paying tribute to the national team’s victory

ISLANDonly a few days have passed since Argentina won the 2022 World Cup, defeating France in a penalty shootout in the final, but already there are many Argentine fans who have paid tribute to the success by getting tattoos.

The celebrations across the country have been wild, with millions taking to the street on Tuesday for the open-top bus parade.

The craziness has also extended to tattoo parlors, with nothing like this ever having been seen before.

What kinds of World Cup tattoos are Argentina fans getting?

There have been various different kinds of World Cup tattoos inked into the skin of the country’s population.

Lionel Messi‘s face has already appeared on many people’s arms and more, often featuring alongside pre-existing tattoos of Diego Maradona.

Many opted for one with a third star, with this symbol so important to fans across the country. Others have gone for images of the World Cup trophy itself.

There are some other more unique ones, such as the image of Emi Martinez holding the Golden Glove trophy by his crotch or the phrase Messi said after the Netherlands win of “Que mira bobo?” – which means “What are you looking to fool?” in English.

The date of the World Cup final, of December 18 2022, was also a popular choice for those who wanted a tattoo to remember this tournament by.


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