While Dibu Martinez earns $2.6 million, Ochoa’s big salary in Italy

Emiliano Martinez and Guillermo Ochoa

Guillermo Ochoa has finally hit the big time in the Mexican market. The player did not extend his contract with Club America and now it is revealed that his destination is in Serie A with Salernitana. However, it is surprising how much he could earn in salary at the Italian club.

Ochoa was one of the highest paid players at Club America. The player spent several years in Coapa and his salary could exceed $3 million on more than one occasion. However, the player would now have a slight change.

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While the goalkeeper who has been in the eye of the hurricane after being world champion for his various controversies, Dibu Martinez, earns around 2.5 million dollars a year. Ochoa could earn a little more than the Argentinean at the modest Italian club.

What would Ochoa’s new salary be?

According to projections made by Salary Sports, that Salernitana, Ochoa could earn close to 3 million dollars. An important economic effort on the part of the Italian club, since it does not usually pay certain amounts to its players. However, after the retirement of Ribery, who had a similar salary, these funds would be used.


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