SNL Denied David Fricke ‘Weekend Update’ Sketch

Photo-Illustration: Vulture. Photos: NBC; Getty Images

As a news outlet that takes pride in respecting the classics, we’re keen to report that James Austin Johnson, a featured player on Saturday Night Live known for his astonishingly good impressions, has been trying to get a “Weekend Update” character based on famed rock journalist David Fricke approved. The show’s Gen-Z contingent, though, is making it difficult. “It’s this guy who slowly, pedantically overexplains what music is,” Johnson told Expanding Dan. “I brought that to the table read. And the thing is, SNL ice hip A lot of the cast and writers are, like, 25. So when I bring a David Fricke character to the table, the reference is lost on most people.” Most recently, Johnson pitched the idea when dad-rock enthusiast John Mulaney served as host, but even his support couldn’t bring the sketch to fruition that week. “John Mulaney laughed big and hard at the first 30 seconds, mainly because he was so psyched that I was dragging David Fricke,” he added. “I’m just not cool enough or famous enough yet for them to let me do David Fricke on SNL. Maybe at some point down the line.” Imagine the wig potential, too.

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