Clark Announces New Album Executive Produced by Thom Yorke

Clark has announced a new LP, Sus Dog, executive produced by Thom Yorke. Lead single “Town Crank” is the first track to feature Clark singing lyrics. Yorke sings and plays bass on the album cut “Medicine.” The rest of the album’s instruments are played by Clark, apart from Richard Spaven performing on drums. Check out “Town Crank” below.

Of the collaboration, Yorke said in a statement:

Chris [Clark] wrote me to say he’d started singing, looking for feedback/advice or whatever, cuz it was kind of new shark-infested waters for him. I’ve been into what he does for years, and I ended up being a kind of backseat driver as he pieced all the oddness of it together, which was fascinating.

I wasn’t surprised to discover he came singing and words through another door completely, which to me was the most interesting and exciting part. The first thing he sent me was him singing about being stuck between two floors and I was already sold. To me the way he approached it all wasn’t the usual singer songwriter guff thank god; it mirrored the way he approached all his composition and recording, but this time it had a human face. His face.

Last year Clark remixed a Mitski track and reissued his 2006 album Body Riddle with a “bonus” album that included a Broadcast collaboration. His last album was the climate change-inspired 2021 LP, Playground in a Lake.

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Sus Dog:

01 Alyosha
02 Town Crank
03 Hush However [ft. Anika]
04 Clutch Pearls
05 Over Empty Streets
06 Wedding
07 Forest
08 Dolgoch Tape
09 Bully
10 Dismissive
11 Medicines [ft. Thom Yorke]
12 Ladder


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