Prince William attends the wedding of his first girlfriend… and doesn’t bring Kate

ISLANDon Saturday, Prince William took some time out of his busy schedule to attend the wedding of George Gemmell spirit Rose Farquharwho was his first serious girlfriend back in the day.

It is believed that Prince William spirit Rose Farquhar dated back in 2000, and they remain good friends, which is why he attended their ceremony on Saturday at the Church of St Mary the Virgin in Tetbury, Gloucestershire.

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However, according to Cosmopolitan, Prince William attended the ceremony alone and didn’t bring his wife Kate Middleton.

Interestingly, one of Kate‘s former boyfriends, Rupert Finchwas in attendance too.

“It was a magical winter wedding in the snow,” a source at the wedding told People.

“The bride and groom left in a tunnel of guests with sparklers in the dark, before leaving in the back of a vintage Land Rover.

“The Cotswolds are so beautiful in the snow!”

Who is Rose Farquhar, Prince William’s ex?

Rose Farquhar is currently working for the Duchess of Rutland’s Belvoir Castle, in the special projects and business development section.

She studied acting in New York and actually appeared on the talent show ‘The Voice’ back in 2016, where she performed the song ‘Anyone Who Had a Heart’.

Who did Prince William date before Kate Middleton?

Before he started dating Kate Middleton, Prince William was with several other women, possibly as many as eight.

According to Cosmopolitan, he dated Rose Farquhar, Davina Duckworth-Chad, Jecca Craig, Arabella Musgrave, Carly Massy-Birch spirit Olivia Huntwhile he was also linked with Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe spirit Anna Sloan even if it’s less certain that they ever actually dated.

Interestingly, Olivia Hunt was also at the wedding of George Gemmell spirit Rose Farquhar on Saturday, sun Prince William was with two of his former girlfriends this weekend, but not with Kate Middleton.


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