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The McConaughey kids are on a milestone birthday roll! Vida McConaughey became a teen just days after her brother Livingston turned 10 (hello, double digits!), and their brother Levi will turn 15 this summer.

On Monday, Camila Alves McConaughey posted a belated birthday picture of Vida who turned 13 on Jan. 3. The McConaughey’s celebrated her birthday on a family vacation that included a special “family member.”

“Uncle @woodyharrelson is questioning if the cake is vegan or not!!! 🫣😂” Camila said in her post which featured a picture of Woody Harrelson rocking a not-so-sure face, looking on as Vida (presumably) prepared to blow out the candles.

Meanwhile, Vida, who is rocking a lei and flowers, stares blankly at the cake.

Like “uncle,” like “niece?”

“Time flies… 13!,” the proud mama continued. “You are my ray of sunshine Vida!!! Your name explains everything about you ‘life.’”

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The Brazilian model and author then shared the same message again in Portuguese.

This is not the first time Camila has posted a birthday tribute for her daughter that includes a touching message about her name. Last year, she shared a hilarious throwback photo. Instead of a zoned out expression, she looked fierce and sassy in an “I Heart Me” shirt and hot pink sunglasses.

“From the moment she was conceived, we only had one name ‘VIDA’ and that represents HER a ‘BRIGHT LITE OF LIFE’ she teaches me daily, challenges me daily, the closest to my personality and being.”

“Happy Birthday beauty Vida!” Rita Wilson commented on this year’s post.

“NOT possible 😍😍😍😍happy birthday 🎂 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️xoxox,” said actress Liz Carey.

Fingers crossed we get a comment and a cake review from “Uncle Woody” soon!

Harrelson and McConaughey, both Texas-natives, are longtime friends and no strangers to birthday celebrations. In July, the McConaugheys celebrated Harrelson’s birthday together, and Camila found herself third-wheeling.

“To the one and only @woodyharrelson A blessing to be able to celebrate together!” she said in a post. “True story… my Husband invites me to go paddle boarding, I put on a Hot bikini thinking it’s just me and him… I come out who’s on the paddle board? … yep… I changed and just followed these two on a canoe! 😂😏🥰 life in a bromance… !”

The teenage years can be a trying time for parents and their children. Vida has said before that her dad needs to work on his ability to trust his kids.

“What’s one lesson I have to keep on learning over and over?” McConaughey asked his daughter during an interview. “What do I keep repeatedly having [to be] like, ah, I have to learn that one again?”

“Trusting, I guess, when you correct us. A lot of times you’ll correct us and then you’ll come back and you explain why you corrected us,” Vida said. “But usually, we’re just like…”

“’We got it the first time,’” McConaughey finished for her.

Hopefully with the help of his third-wheeling wife and “Uncle Woody,” he can fast-track his ability to trust as Vida enters this exciting new phase of life.

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