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#books #collage #humor #paper #Toon Joosen

December 21, 2022

Grace Ebert

All images © Toon Joosen, shared with permission

A man mows a field of text, a vacuum cleaner sucks up beachgoers, and kids shield themselves from falling words in the witty collages of Toon Joosen. From his studio in The Netherlands, the artist cuts and splices vintage photos, magazines, postcards, and book pages into clever works that take an ironic and surreal approach to everyday activities. Joosen tends to play with scale and perspective, creating tongue-in-cheek scenarios brimming with nostalgia and humor. He shares dozens of works on Instagram and has prints, buttons, and other goods available on Etsy.

A photo of a collage of a man mowing text

A photo of a collage of a woman plowing corrugated cardboard

A photo of a collage of kids playing with text

A photo of a collage of a text raining down on kids shielded by an umbrella

A collage of a woman cleaning beachgoers

A photo of a collage of people pulling up text like weeds

A photo of a collage of a man harvesting text with a tractor

#books #collage #humor #paper #Toon Joosen

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