Black Panther solo series to end in March ahead of June relaunch

Black Panther’s current solo title headed up by writer John Ridley will come to an end with March 8’s Black Panther #15. But Marvel is wasting no time at all in keeping T’Challa and the world of Wakanda on shelves, with a brand new Black Panther #1 now scheduled to debut just a few months later in June.

The new Black Panther title will be written by current Monica Rambeau: Photon writer Eve L. Ewing, with art from Chris Allen, one of Marvel’s current class of breakout artists known as Stormbreakers.

And while we don’t yet know much about where the new Black Panther title will find T’Challa when it kicks off, Ewing is teasing some big changes to the current status quo.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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“When I had my first conversation with Wil Moss, who edits Black Panther, and I found out where the [John] Ridley run is going to end, I had to laugh. No spoilers, but the status quo is going to be more than a little disrupted,” Ewing tells ComicBook.Com (opens in new tab)who first announced the news.

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