Art dealer Mark Pereira murdered in Blanchisseuse | News Extra

Fine Arts dealer Mark Pereira has been murdered.

He was shot and killed in Blanchisseuse on Monday night, during what police say was a robbery attempt.

Pereira owned a home in the north coast village.

Pereira was a publisher of art books in Trinidad and Tobago and promoted the works of Cazabon, Chang, Atteck, Holder, Codallo, Greenidge and O’Connor.

He has written and/or published books on Cazabon, Barbara Jardine and Meiling.

Pereira was born in TT during the mid-1950s, with his migrating to South Africa when he was seven. He returned to Trinidad at age 22.


Patricia Bissessarsingh, the curator of the Angelo Bissessar Virtual Museum of Trinidad and Tobago site, issued the following statement.

The Bissessarsarsingh family has been plunged into deep grief over the recent, tragic passing of Mark Pereira, former owner of the Boscoe Holder House and studio.

He was a great friend of my niece Carmelita Bissessarsingh, her father Rudolph Bissessarsingh and my sister Ann Marie Bissessar. Mark Pereira was the founder of 101 Art Gallery in Belmont and has over the years made a tremendous contribution to the Art Fraternity in T&T.

Recently he gifted to my niece Carmelita a box of Boscoe Holder paint brushes, and paint set. He also gifted her a personal photo album belonging to renowned artist Boscoe Holder.

On behalf of the ABVMOTT and by extension the Bissessarsingh family we extend our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

May God grant unto Mark eternal peace and rest.


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